Climate Leaders

When your business fully measures, reduces and offsets its emissions, Aclymate rewards you with a Climate Leader certification so you can show your stakeholders that you're leading the way on climate in your industry.
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About this page

The list below includes all of our current and former Climate Leaders.

What is a climate leader?

At Aclymate, we care that companies who say they want to make an impact on the climate, do it. That’s why we built the best climate action platform for small businesses. We make it simple to precisely measure a business’s carbon footprint, and then provide the largest collection of verified, high-quality offset projects to shop from.

Our Climate Leader certification is designed specifically for small businesses who’ve taken steps to fix their footprint. We have verified that these businesses have fully reduced or offset their footprint to date.

Own a small business?

Aclymate’s platform gives you all the climate solution friendly business tools that you need to calculate, understand, offset and become proud of your company’s carbon footprint.

Meet our Climate Leaders: