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How does Aclymate ‘do’ carbon accounting?
Aclymate’s algorithm uses the GHG Protocol Guidance combined with EPA emissions data to accurately calculate your emissions. The software primarily uses activity-based calculations, but spend-based calculations are available for areas where more granular data isn’t available to you yet.
I’m just checking out a few different solutions right now – what makes yours different from the others?
Aclymate is the most cost-effective and accurate solution available. In addition, you’ll be working with a dedicated team that cares about climate and helping you take action on it. Resources are provided to each of you to help guide you through the confusing process of emissions accounting, every step of the way so you can take pride in becoming yet another success story.
What does Aclymate do with my data?
All of the data input into Aclymate’s accounting tools are strictly confidential and used only to perform the calculations required to obtain an accurate carbon accounting history for your company. For full details, please visit the Aclymate Privacy Policy page.
Which scope 3 emissions do you calculate?
Natively through the application you can easily input all travel, mileage, fuel, shipping and waste. In addition, the spend-based tool allows you to quantify many more Scope 3 emissions that you may only have a dollar amount tied to. For everything else, by using the Turn Key Service, the expert team here can work with you one-on-one to help you on the best path forward. 
What level of support do I get if I don’t use Turn Key Service?
Aclymate is always here to support you and your business, no matter what. Have a question? Just get in touch and you’ll get an answer right away. No matter the size of your company, you can always  expect world-class customer service.
What does it cost?
Pricing is based on the number of employees your company has. A Business Carbon Accounting subscription starts at $24 per month. A Turn Key Service subscription starts at $249. To learn the precise cost for your organization, visit our transparent pricing page.

Getting Started

How do I get the data I need?
Our software is able to ingest data from your accounting software, capture employee commuting and home office usage information, automate utility data inputs, and more to capture an accurate emissions footprint. While all of these tools are available to you at our Business Carbon Accounting Tier -- we also offer Turn Key Service that makes it even easier by syncing us up with the relevant folks at your organization to obtain and input all the data we need to build your emissions footprint for you.
How much time does it take to complete my baseline emissions numbers?
Our software makes it easy to realize some of the key components of your footprint that meet the needs of most basic reporting requirements in a short period of time – usually a few hours for smaller companies, or a few days to weeks for larger companies, depending on complexity.

Working with our team can speed this process up even further. Emissions accounting is, by nature, an ongoing process. Your emissions footprint is likely to change as time goes on and will require regular updates to remain accurate. (Hint: Our Turn Key Service stays on top of this for you!)
How much time will I or my team need to spend keeping our Aclymate account up to date?
Time estimates vary by organization size, but most businesses between 50-100 employees can expect to spend around two hours per month. If time constraints are a concern we recommend using our Turn Key Service – we’ll handle the periodic updates for you!
How do I get started?
You can get started on your own here or if you’d like some expert advice before you dive in book a quick meeting with our team here.

Net Zero

What is Net-Zero and how does Aclymate do it?
Net-Zero is a commitment to reduce your organization’s emissions by 50% by 2030 as a way to be a solution to the current climate crisis. Aclymate can help you with this by measuring and tracking your emissions numbers so you’re able to see how you’re doing and where your company can find reductions. You can even take the Net Zero Pledge now.
Will doing this help with my B-Corp certification?
Yes! B-Corp wants to know what your scope emissions are, and in the near future – which ways your organization plans to reduce them. Our tools will help you both calculate these numbers to satisfy your B-Corp requirements and also help you get on a net-zero pathway.
What are offsets?
The short answer is that offsets allow an organization to ‘offset’ emissions that it can’t reduce due to the needs of the business by helping to finance carbon reduction or sequestration projects while working toward net zero. The long answer can be found on the About Offsets page.

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