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askBelynda is a Climate Leader since January 2022.

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askBelynda is backing the Uganda Trees for Global Benefits project

Reforestation Or Afforestation

The Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) project is managed under the Plan Vivo Standard and supports a long-running cooperative carbon offsetting program in the Albertine Rift and Mt Elgon in Northern Uganda. It covers an area of 6,000 hectares. The project promotes community-led activities that reduce the exploitation of forest resources and arrest the decline of the ecosystem. The project increases income for 4,600 rural farmers and their families who live in the area by diversifying income sources.

Participating communities plant indigenous and agroforestry trees that are under threat from logging for timber and are compensated by the not-for-profit project developer, The Environmental Conservation Trust of Uganda through the sale of carbon credits. TGB has enabled carbon sequestration to improve rural livelihoods by encouraging farmers to work on small-scale agroforestry projects. It also provides services that link these farmers to the international markets, increasing their incomes. Since 2017, TGB has removed more than 640,000 metric tonnes of CO2e over the past 5 years (~128,000 mtCO2e each year). 

The TGB scheme operates as a Programme of Activities (PoA) that scales up through the design of new programs and the recruitment of new farming communities. The project has helped create better health service delivery, provided access to clean and safe water, and created a community carbon fund that invests in livelihood improvement opportunities. By planting over 2 million trees, mostly native species, the project has helped restore lost biodiversity and aims to plant 10 million trees over its lifetime.

Previous offset projects askBelynda has backed:

Reforestation Or Afforestation
Uganda Trees for Global Benefits
Hoima, Western Region, Uganda
Reforestation Or Afforestation
Trees for Global Benefits
Hoima, Western Region, Uganda

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