About Us


For too many years, everyone sat on their hands, not doing anything about the climate crisis scientists kept warning about.

The Trees

As a child, Co-Founder and CEO Mike Smith witnessed forests burn down right in his backyard, and remembers everyone telling him, “The trees will grow back.” Upon visiting his childhood hometown 20 years later, he found that sadly, they still hadn’t grown back. That’s when he learned that nature does not always find a way, that climate change had become a very real threat…now, he knew he had to take action – that we all have to take action. 
Mike Smith, CEO of Aclymate, with trees behind him
This became the impetus for the single largest reforestation project in the U.S., the Collins-Modoc Project. When serving on an advisory board during that time – alongside smart and dedicated sustainability professionals– he realized that even they didn’t fully understand climate, so how could the layperson? 
Collings-Modac Reforestation Project

Man’s Best Friend

Meanwhile, Co-Founder and CTO William Loopesko was running the first company he founded called PuppTech due to his love of animals and the outdoors, including his dog that climbed mountains with him. The company’s product measured the temperature of dogs - like controlling climate change, but for animals.

A Chance Meeting

Mike and William met each other in an entrepreneurs' group and hit it off. Mike told William about an idea to make climate accessible to everyone and William loved it – he coded everything from scratch to bring the idea to life, and Aclymate was born.

If sustainability professionals  get details on climate frequently wrong, how could the rest of us who don’t have sustainability experts on their teams get it right? Aclymate became the answer. Now, Aclymate helps hundreds of businesses on their journey to net zero.