Third-party certifications such as B Corp, Ecovadis and Green Business Benchmark have stringent requirements on emissions that must be measured and how they need to be reported. Aclymate has helped customers with all of these through our carbon accounting software and custom reporting feature, and can do the same for your business.
Aclymate's carbon accounting reporting feature
B Labs Global

B Corporation

B Corp is a widely recognized certification that shows your business meets a "high standard of social and environmental performance". While emissions reporting, net zero targets and climate transition plans were not required last year, the new proposed requirements will. See below for requirements that may apply to your business, and try this tool on the B Corp website to learn exactly which you'll need to follow.
Proposed B Corp Requirement for SMBs
How Aclymate Helps
Measure and report Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions according to Greenhouse Gas Protocol GHG protocol annually
Our carbon accounting tool uses the GHG protocol, so this will be automatic. Our custom reporting tool ensures you'll have everything you need to renew your B Corp certification.
Third-party verification of emissions report
Included with Aclymate's Turn Key Service
Set a net zero target in line with the Paris Agreement
Our soon-to-launch net zero tool will help you do this easily, as well as provide your company with a public-facing net zero page to submit to B Corp.
Define a climate transition plan to reach net zero
Aclymate's net zero tool will help you to create and demonstrate this plan as well as your progress.


Ecovadis is a certification that rates your business' sustainability based on a number of factors. Aclymate's custom reporting function has helped customers to improve their Ecovadis assessment and scores to reach the Platinum level of this prestigious certification.
Green Business Benchmark

Green Business Benchmark

Previously known as Green Business Bureau, the GBB certification awards points to your company for each sustainable activity you take. Aclymate's solution including the required reporting will help your business easily attain points toward your GBB certification.

How Aclymate Can Help

All third party certifications require a lot of time and work to get all of the documentation ready to submit, but can be well worth it. By using Aclymate, the emissions reporting portion will be an absolute breeze.

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