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Aclymate has partnered with ClimeCo for high-quality offset projects in our offset marketplace. ClimeCo started with a simple goal—to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) through scalable abatement projects that create value for its customers. This focus allowed it to pioneer the development of U.S. emission-reduction projects at bio-digester and nitric acid plants. Since then, it has evolved into a global, solutions advisor, transaction facilitator, trader, and developer of environmental commodities and sustainability solutions.
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Aclymate is a proud Techstars Accelerator Partner, Class of 2021. Techstars accelerators have one goal: to help entrepreneurs succeed. During each three-month program, it surrounds companies with the best mentors and an unrivaled network of corporate partners, investors, and alumni. It provides funding and fundraising opportunities, workshops and curated resources, not to mention countless moments where founders can learn from their peers. It’s a proven model that’s helped build thousands of successful companies, all over the world.
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Good Business Colorado

Aclymate is a member of Good Business Colorado and we’ve partnered with them to help good businesses fight climate change. Good Business Colorado is a grassroots organization of values-driven employers and entrepreneurs in the state of Colorado working together for equitable communities, a sustainable environment, and a prosperous economy. As part of its goal of a sustainable environment, Good Business Colorado promotes renewable energy and clean water and air. It also encourages public lands where Coloradoans can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. 
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Nature Conservancy

Aclymate is proud to partner with The Nature Conservancy, a global environmental nonprofit working to create a world where people and nature can thrive. Founded in the U.S. through grassroots action in 1951, The Nature Conservancy has grown to become one of the most effective and wide-reaching environmental organizations in the world. Thanks to more than a million members and the dedicated efforts of its diverse staff and over 400 scientists, it impacts conservation in 79 countries and territories: 37 by direct conservation impact and 42 through partners.
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Green Business Benchmark

Aclymate and Green Business Benchmark (GBB) are partners helping each other out in the broader world of sustainability with Aclymate's specialty being climate, and GBB is focused on broader sustainability goals. From the start, GBB has sought to change the world for the better through software that helps businesses become more sustainable. As a trusted authority in green business, it provides online solutions to help purpose-driven businesses of all sizes learn, prioritize, manage and certify green initiatives. Our customers use our sustainability framework and solutions to engage employees, manage their sustainability programs and become greener.
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Missouri Green Banc

Aclymate is proud to be partnered with Missouri Green Banc. Missouri Green Banc is a 501(c)3 non-profit affiliate of the Missouri Clean Energy District, a governmental subdivision of the state of Missouri. Green banking is a critical component of the district's mission to help support and execute goals such as those outlined in the Missouri Comprehensive State Energy Plan (CSEP) developed by the Division of Energy. The plan lays out a framework for how Missouri will balance environmental, economic, and social needs for the state in years to come.
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Aclymate is proud to partner with CNaught, an online platform that allows companies to access a sophisticated, science-backed carbon credit strategy that was previously available to only the largest buyers. Their mission is to make it easy for companies to use carbon credits and accelerate their climate impact.
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Unit of Impact

Aclymate is proud to partner with Unit of Impact, the first impact report solution designed for small businesses. Their platform helps businesses efficiently collect and organize their impact data — then transform it into a professional and compelling social impact report, quickly and easily.