myAclymate was made especially for individuals who want to make a difference by measuring, offsetting and reducing their emissions to take a big step toward helping the environment.

1. Take the free myAclymate Quiz

Get started by taking the myAclymate Quiz to calculate your personal carbon footprint and get a breakdown of your emissions for no cost.
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2. Select your offsets

After you get the results from your quiz, select the cause you want to support with your offsets.
Evergreen Redd+ Forest Protection offset

3. Reduce your emissions

Using your emissions results, identify places where you can reduce emissions and update your information as you reduce.
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Did you know that a portion of your carbon footprint results from work-related emissions? And that through Aclymate, your employer can offset those emissions for you?

If you take the extra step to make even more impact on the planet by getting your employer involved, you’ll get an entire year’s worth (up to $200) of offsets free!
Download the 'Make the Case to Your Boss' slide deck

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