Aclymate Announces Partnership With Good Business Colorado

Leading Carbon Accounting & Offsets Provider Aclymate To Help Good Business Colorado Members Fight Climate Change

Sara Miranda
March 17, 2023
man standing overlooking mountains in the distance with text that reads "teaming up to help good businesses fight climate change."

Aclymate, the leading provider of carbon accounting and offset solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses, announced a new partnership with Good Business Colorado (GBC), a non-profit organization that supports responsible business practices. This partnership will allow Aclymate to offer its cutting-edge climate action services to GBC members, while also helping GBC promote the benefits of ethical business practices to a wider audience.

Aclymate's carbon accounting solutions are designed to help businesses on their climate journey from start to finish. From measuring, managing and reducing emissions to offsetting and impact reporting, Aclymate offers a full suite of services that can help businesses become climate leaders in their respective industries.

By partnering with GBC, Aclymate will be able to bring its services to a new audience of socially responsible businesses. GBC's members include a diverse range of companies that are committed to ethical business practices, such as fair labor standards, environmental sustainability, and community engagement, making the new partnership a perfect match.

"We're excited to partner with Good Business Colorado and help support their mission of promoting responsible business practices," said Mike Smith, Founder and CEO of Aclymate. "Our carbon accounting solutions can help these businesses meet their sustainability goals while also promoting their commitment through our net zero certification program."

As part of the partnership, Aclymate will offer GBC members a special package of services tailored to their unique needs. This package will include basic carbon accounting and a selection of transparent offset projects, as well as ongoing support from Aclymate's team of Climate Navigators.

"We're thrilled to partner with GBC member Aclymate and offer our members access to their cutting-edge solutions, which we are also using at GBC to put our sustainability values into action," said Debra Brown, Executive Director of GBC. "Aclymate's commitment to environmental sustainability aligns perfectly with our mission, and we look forward to working together to promote responsible business practices and help our members succeed."

The partnership between Aclymate and GBC is an exciting development for businesses in Colorado and beyond. By bringing together the power of carbon accounting and responsible business practices, these two organizations are helping to create a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone.

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Sara Miranda
March 17, 2023

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