Top 5 B-Corp Clothing Brands

Karenna Bryan
February 22, 2024
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The fashion industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, valued at an estimated $343 billion. This large valuation has been accelerated by the increased prevalence of micro-trends in the fashion industry, which occurs when a clothing item rises in popularity very quickly and becomes "out of style" shortly after. Because of this rise in micro-trends coupled with the wasteful nature of clothing production, the average U.S. consumer throws away around 81.5 lbs of clothes each year.

Today, the fashion industry is responsible for about 10% of human-caused greenhouse emissions. This can make the goal of shopping sustainably very difficult. However, there are ways to help do your part and support the planet without stopping your shopping habits completely. One of the ways you can take initiative is by supporting brands that are certified B Corporations. B-Corp Certification is a way for businesses to be verified that they demonstrate transparency with their employees, perform over a score of 80 on B-Corp's environmental review, and make a legal commitment to hold themselves accountable to stakeholders.

B-Corp companies can range from the food to fashion and beauty industries. From small businesses to large companies, every business has the opportunity to be a B-Corp. Fashion B-Corps help fight issues such as child labor, unfair wages, exploitative working conditions, and climate change.

In today's climate, it is more important than ever to shop sustainably. That is why we've done all the work for you and compiled a list of our top 5 B-corp apparel companies that take extensive measures to reduce their carbon footprint and help the planet.

For the Children 

Merry Go Rounds

  • Looking for sustainable clothing options for your children? There are dozens of options for sustainable adult fashion, but not so much for kids. That's where Merry Go Rounds comes in. The company offers clothing ranging from newborn to size 14, toys, books, gifts, and more. Merry Go Rounds is a consignment store, which means that it re-sells other people's clothing and accessories so that the items don't end up in a landfill. Mother-daughter duo Beth and Melissa Mazzeo opened this store in order to change people's perspective on second-hand shopping and resale.

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For the Outdoorsmen 


  • Do you love the outdoors and need new gear? Patagonia is for you. While many know about Patagonia, not many know that it is a certified B-corp. The company was founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard. While the company began by selling primarily mountain climbing gear, Patagonia has now expanded into outdoor apparel for both adults and children. Patagonia partners with grassroot organizations and frontline communities to help restore lands, combat fossil fuels, bring water to a restorative place, and reflect on the relationship between climate change and climate justice. Besides being a B-corp, Patagonia belongs to 1% for the Planet and Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

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For the Athlete


  • Looking for new workout clothes that make you feel AND look your best? Athleta is a women's fitness brand founded in 1998 in Petaluma, California, by Scott Kerslake. The goal of the brand is for women to feel comfortable in their skin while working out. Their empowering message is "The Power of She." Athleta uses materials like wood chips, pulp, and TENCEL Modal fibers to create quality activewear that is also sustainable. They use 100% recycled material for their shopping bags, have stopped 1,662 tons of textile waste from being thrown away in landfills, and used over 441 million plastic water bottles into repurposed materials for their activewear. In addition, Athleta participates in the Women + Water Alliance, which is an organization fighting for water access in India.

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For those with Glasses

Bird Eyewear

  • Bird Eyewear was founded in 2017 by award-winning chef and musician, Ed Bird. His brother, Lawrence, joined him as both brothers believe “everyone has the right to see nature and be inspired by it.” Their eyewear is made from sustainable materials such as recycled metals, repurposed materials, and bio-acetate. Not only is the eyewear itself sustainable, but the product is also delivered through recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Plus, if you are interested in switching your eyewear to Bird, the company offers the ability to send in your old frames for a discount on their eyewear. This allows Bird Eyewear to further its goal of sustainability by utilizing the materials from old frames to create new ones.

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For the Fashionista

Karen Kane

  • Want to look fashionable while helping the planet? Karen Kane makes women's clothing that is beautifully sourced and beautifully made. The company was founded in 1979 by husband and wife, Karen and Lonnie Kane when they launched a clothing line from their studio city garage. Today, Karen Kane is a certified B Corporation with a commitment to ethical practices and sustainability. They uphold these goals by ethically sourcing their materials, using renewable sources to power their manufacturing facility, and supporting many charities, including The Nature Conservancy, Aviva Family & Children's Services, City of Hope, and more. Additionally, the company takes pride in filling its management team with women and hiring those belonging to underrepresented populations.

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For an Added Accessory


  • Looking for a new pair of kicks? TOMS was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, who introduced the One for One model. In the One for One model, TOMS gives away one pair of shoes for every pair sold. As of 2020, TOMS has given away 100,000,000 pairs of shoes. Currently, the brand gives ⅓ of its profits to grassroots good. In order to further their sustainability efforts, they use materials such as 100% organic cotton, recycled cotton, heritage canvas, and Repreve recycled polyester. TOMS has also identified five commitments to keep its sustainability goals. Those five commitments are using greener packaging, investing in Earthwise, increasing their B-Corp score, keeping track of their progress, and measuring their carbon footprint.

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Supporting these B-Corp fashion companies is a great way to do your part for the planet and empower other companies to do the same.

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Karenna Bryan
February 22, 2024

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