Aclymate Announces Partnership with CNaught to Accelerate Climate Impact

Making it even easier for small businesses to achieve net zero

Sara Miranda
January 11, 2024
CNaught logo and Aclymate logo

Denver, January 11, 2024 – Aclymate, a trailblazer in climate solutions for small & mid-sized businesses, announced a new partnership with CNaught, a renowned leader in carbon credit portfolios. This collaboration will allow both companies to make climate action even easier for companies that may not have a sustainability expert on staff.

The partnership aims to leverage Aclymate’s existing offset marketplace with CNaught’s curated offset service to accelerate the ability of SMBs to get to net zero, while amplifying CNaught's visibility in the market, creating a win-win scenario for both organizations. 

"We are delighted to join forces with CNaught, a company that shares our commitment to the climate,” said Mike Smith, CEO of Aclymate. “By combining our climate solutions with CNaught's innovative offset technology, we aim to create a formidable force for positive change in the climate landscape, furthering our mission to help small businesses get to net zero by giving them access to the solutions formerly reserved for the Fortune 500."

CNaught, with its track record in developing carbon credit technology solutions for small and mid-sized businesses that seek simplicity, is a natural ally for Aclymate. Aclymate’s service will help CNaught’s customers measure, reduce, and offset their emissions, with CNaught providing a clean end to that process.

"We see this partnership as a unique opportunity to utilize technology to make sustainability easier," said Mark Chen, CEO of CNaught. "Aclymate's expertise in climate solutions will play a crucial role in elevating our ability to reach  businesses who prioritize a sustainable future through our curated carbon credits."

As part of the collaboration, Aclymate and CNaught will work to develop further and promote climate technologies that address the urgent challenges we face. 

About Aclymate

Aclymate empowers small and medium-sized businesses to get to net zero. With no special knowledge required, its customers can determine their emissions footprint in under 10 minutes per month, find ways to reduce their impact and offset what cannot be eliminated. For more information, visit

About CNaught

CNaught gives carbon credit buyers confidence by taking a science-based approach of using carbon credits to accelerate business climate impact. Businesses can now access a sophisticated, science-backed carbon credit strategy previously available to only the largest buyers. For more information, visit

Sara Miranda
January 11, 2024

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