Aclymate Certifications

Aclymate's Climate Certification Program is designed to empower companies to take concrete steps towards combating climate change while demonstrating their commitment to environmental stewardship.

The Aclymate Climate Certification Program offers three distinct levels of certification, tailored to meet the diverse needs and ambitions of businesses striving for sustainability excellence.
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About this page

The list below includes details on each level of certification that we offer.

What is Aclymate's certification program?

At Aclymate, we care that companies who say they want to make an impact on the climate, do it. That’s why we built the best climate action platform for small businesses. We make it simple to precisely measure a business’s carbon footprint, encourage reduction goals, and then provide the largest collection of verified, high-quality offset projects to shop from.

Our certification program is designed specifically for small businesses who’ve taken steps to fix their footprint. We have verified that these businesses have fully reduced or offset their footprint to date.

Own a small business?

Aclymate’s platform gives you all the climate solution friendly business tools that you need to calculate, understand, offset and become proud of your company’s carbon footprint.
Highest Level

Net Zero Certification

Take the Net Zero pledge to cement your commitment to slashing your business emissions in half by 2030, in alignment with the Paris Agreement. This will help your company get ahead of the curve and ahead of upcoming regulations from the government, vendors, investors and more. This is Aclymate’s most prestigious certification, and you’ll be able to proudly display your success upon reaching your goal in (or before!) 2030.
Mid Level

Climate Leader Certification

Becoming a Climate Leader means your business is setting and meeting yearly emissions reduction goals and offsetting what cannot be reduced each year. This is a great step towards the Net Zero pathway when your business is ready.
Starter Level

Climate Wise Certification

Earning the Climate Wise certification means that you’re getting smart about tackling climate for your business. You’ve taken some of the first steps on your climate journey, such as making the commitment to do so in the Bronze Tier, followed by measuring one year of emissions to earn the Silver Tier.