8 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Offset Your Emissions

Exploring the positive impact offsetting your emissions has on you and the planet

Kaylee Hulse
June 12, 2023
climate change activist holding sign saying the climate is changing so should we #act now

In recent years, there has been growing concern about how our actions affect the environment. It's hard to ignore the discussions around climate change as temperatures around the world are rising. Along with global warming, we’ve been faced with extreme weather events and an alarming loss of biodiversity. These issues have created an urgent need for individuals to take action. Thankfully, there's an effective way for almost anyone to mitigate their emissions: purchasing carbon offsets.

If you don’t already know, a carbon offset is an action that either reduces the amount of greenhouse gasses that we have in our atmosphere or increases carbon storage. Most of the greenhouse gasses we have in the atmosphere consist of carbon dioxide, which is why they are referred to as carbon offsets. When someone purchases a carbon offset, they are contributing to an offset project that reduces carbon emissions. These projects range from reforestation to emissions capture. Now that you’re up to speed on what carbon offsets are, we’re going to explore 8 compelling reasons why you should offset your emissions and the positive impact it can have on our planet's future.

1. Fight Against Climate Change

melting ice caps surrounded by water

The first reason, and probably the most obvious, is that offsetting your emissions helps combat climate change. In terms of carbon footprints, regular individuals can only do so much to decrease their personal emissions. This is why supporting projects that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a great actionable way to reduce your environmental impact. You can support a range of offset projects like Climate Justice, Natural and Working Lands, Clean Transition, and more. Click here to take a brief survey and explore all of the offset categories myAclymate has for you to choose from.

2. Preserve Biodiversity

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When you offset your emissions, you are oftentimes supporting projects that work to protect the earth’s biodiversity. Many offset projects, along with combating climate change, work to preserve and restore crucial ecosystems. Supporting reforestation efforts, for example, helps preserve crucial habitats for a variety of diverse plants and animals.

3. Support Sustainable Development

When you buy offsets you are most likely also supporting sustainable development. A large portion of offset projects works to accomplish their goals without compromising the future of the planet. These projects encompass the idea of sustainable development and by supporting them, you are helping form a sustainable future for everyone. Learn about the 17 sustainable development goals here.

4. Be A Leader

group of climate change activists holding a banner that says climate justice

Advocating for a better future is not a one-person job and by taking personal responsibility for your carbon footprint, you are setting an example to those around you. Offsetting your emissions ignites the conversation around climate and helps encourage your peers to take action as well.

5. Improve Air Quality

pollution from industry going into the atmosphere creating yellow orange hue in the sky

Many offset projects work to improve the quality of air by removing various pollutants from the atmosphere. These harmful pollutants, that humans breathe in every day, have been linked to serious health problems. Improved air quality is not just beneficial to humans, plants and animals also reap the benefits of cleaner air.

6. Encourage Innovation

When individuals support offset projects, they are also helping to foster innovation in sustainability practices and technologies. Contributions received for some offset projects go toward the development and research of new ways to offset emissions. This means the development of technological advancements that could revolutionize the efforts to create a carbon-free future is more possible.

7. Hold Yourself Accountable

Approaching the topic of climate change can seem overwhelming and daunting. Because of this, people often underestimate the impact they can make in tackling climate change. Offsetting your emissions as one single person may seem futile, but when you take accountability for your own carbon footprint you can effectively align your actions with your values.

8. Leave a Lasting Impact

climate change activist holding sign that says fight today for a better tomorrow

Unlike other ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, purchasing offsets and supporting sustainability projects allows you to promote lasting change. Many of these projects have effects that go beyond offsetting your personal emissions. Projects that help restore forests and build renewable energy infrastructure have long-lasting benefits for the environment and the future. Not only do they continue to reduce emissions far beyond your own, but they also play a role in supporting local communities.

These 8 reasons to offset your emissions are just a few of the countless benefits that come with supporting offset projects. If you want to take the leap and support a greener future, take the myAclymate survey and explore the various projects you can support to offset your emissions. Remember, carbon offsets are just part of the solution to fighting climate change. Continuing the climate conversation and making informed decisions about your choices are key to helping you do your part for the world. But don’t worry, we have a plethora of resources to help you along the way.

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Kaylee Hulse
June 12, 2023

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