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Sustainability, Offsets, and Climate Change

Does your business want to be a Climate Leader?

If you’re a small business, you want to show your employees and your customers that you’re a good citizen of your community and the climate.

If you’re a small business, you want to show your employees and your customers that you’re a good citizen of your community and the climate. You know that the rising generation cares deeply about climate and will vote with their feet and their wallet for who they’ll work with and buy from.

But the existing options are terrible. You have to calculate and offset your footprint — no small task before Aclymate — and you still have to demonstrate to everyone that you’re doing the work. That whole process involves more writing, maybe spending some money on marketing, and then forgetting about it because it’s too much work. That’s no solution at all.

Introducing Aclymate’s Climate Leader Certification

We’re really pleased to announce our Climate Leader Certification, a real solution for the problem that small businesses have in demonstrating their action on climate. It’s a comprehensive solution that you can rely on.

Climate Leader Certification consists of:

1. A logo that you can display on your website, your storefront, and your marketing materials. We’ll help you place it on your website and send you a window decal to display with pride.

2. A public facing website where you can highlight your efforts at emissions reductions, the offsets you’ve purchased, your history of climate action, and more.

3. Membership in a limited community of Climate Leaders, where you’ll be able to identify future business partners and where we’ll highlight members in our media.

As a small business business leader myself, I’m happy to tell you the best part — it’s free. By using the Aclymate platform and offsetting your footprint, you’ll automatically be qualified, and since you were already going to do that, what’s not to love?

Membership Tiers

As I said before, if you have calculated and offset your company’s footprint, you’re automatically qualified. You’ll be set to our initial tier — Climate Leader Basic — and you’ll already have distinguished yourself from your competitors. Fewer than 10% of small businesses even make it to this step, so you should be proud to share that achievement!

However, we strongly believe that to reduce your emissions, you need the more precise calculations provided through the onboarding process. To do so, you need to know the more precise numbers associated with your specific business through inputting your offices, your vehicles, and your employees’ commutes. That’s why we’re also introducing a higher level of certification — Climate Leader Plus. For those companies that get to this step, you’ll be able to claim membership in an elite group of businesses that are starting to do the hard work of identifying their emissions and working to reduce them. You’ll also be prioritized for our spotlights.

Once you achieve either certification standard, you’ll unlock new features inside the Aclymate platform, with instructions on brand standards, how to order your free window decals, and more. You’ll also receive exclusive emails with details and community announcements.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Climate Leader community.

If you’re ready to begin your climate journey, please sign up for a demo of the Aclymate solution. Our team of climate navigators is here to help you find the course to the outcome you want and the community you need at a time and price that will surprise you.

Every Business Has an Impact

At Aclymate we have the most user-friendly and affordable tools to help any business, no matter how small, be carbon neutral and become a Climate Leader.

We Lead By Example

We use our own technology to offset our own emissions so that you can know that we're doing the right thing to help fight climate change.

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We're proud of our partnership with the Green Business Bureau to track and continually improve our internal sustainability efforts.

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